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In the education context course is a word for which the meaning varies depending on which country it is used in. In higher education in both Canada and the United States a course is such a unit of teaching that typically lasts one academic term, is led by one or more instructors. They might be teachers or professors and the course has a fixed roster of students. In most cases it describes an individual subject taken. Students may receive a grade and academic credit after the completion of the course. In Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom courses refer to the entire program of all students that are required to complete a university degree and the word module or unit would be used to refer to an academic course in the North American sense. In South Africa, in between the two, it is common for the word course officially to refer to the collection of all courses – in the American sense these are often called modules – over a year or semesters, though the American usage is common parlance.

   Courses in Philippines can be used to either refer to an individual subject – usually referred to by faculty and school officials or the entire program. It is usually referred to by students and outsiders. In American universities courses are usually on a time constraint. Some of them are only a few years long, one semester long, last in academic year that is equal to two semesters and even three semesters long. Course is usually a specific to students’ major and is instructed by a professor. If a person is taking an organic chemistry course for example, then the professor would teach the students organic chemistry and how it applies to their lives and or major. Furthermore courses can refer to as “electives”. An elective is not a required course usually, but there are a number of non-specific electives that are all required for certain majors. Courses are on a fixed weekly schedule, usually made up of individual sessions. In universities and colleges there are different types of courses.

    Lecture course is when the instructor gives lectures with minimal interactions. During the seminar courses students both prepare and present their original written work for discussion and critique. Tutorial courses are all courses during which one or a small group of students work on a topic and meet with the instructor weekly for both discussion and guidance. The Directed Individual Study course is such type of course where a student requests to create and title an area of study for themselves which is more concentrated and in-depth than a standard course. It is directed under a tenured faculty member and approved by a department chair of possibly the dean within that specific college. Another type of courses is laboratory courses. During them most of the work takes place in a laboratory. Many of the courses combine these formats. For example lecture courses include weekly discussion sections with smaller groups of students led by the principal instructor or teaching assistant.


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